Aside from the financial responsibility of paying a mortgage loan, keeping a regular home maintenance responsibility is part of owning a house. It is just like owning a car that requires regular oil changes to keep your car engine running smoothly. Running a maintenance check from time to time can prevent future headaches and wasted money.

This can be really scary and intimidating especially for a first-time homeowner. There is a long list of things to check and maintain. One advantage of modern technology is that the majority of these things can be done through the help of DIY tutorials that you can find online. Remember to keep a number of local handyman services in your area, so if you find yourself stuck, you can always call for help.

To be more efficient and to maximize the things you can do and you should do without forgetting anything, you may want to create a home maintenance calendar so that you’ll know exactly when and what to do next, like when is the next inspection for the filters should be done or the next schedule for the kitchen sink disposal.

If you are a note person, you can always opt for a planner or paper calendar. If you are a modern person, you can always look for apps that will work for you. Your main purpose is to make sure everything is in the right shape without making the tasks too overwhelming for you. As long as things get done, it doesn’t matter how you will do it.