Homeowners have to pay several bills; one of them being insurance premiums. It is a well-known fact that homeowner’s insurance is important, but why should you pay more than is required? Considering the harsh economic times, all homeowners should value even the smallest savings as they can come a long way. You can bring your insurance premiums down using these strategies.


1. Get quotes before buying

Consider the cost of insuring your home before you purchase it. If you do this, you will save yourself hefty bills that can easily be avoided. Surprisingly, identical homes might attract varying premiums. Although this may sound crazy, it is entirely true, considering that many factors go into determining how much premium one pays. Some of these factors include the proximity to emergency services, the age of the house’s systems, plumbing, heating, and other factors. Therefore, you need to shop adequately before settling for a provider.


2. Avoid insuring the land

Homes may be damaged due to floods, fires, and other factors. However, nothing much can go wrong with the land. Get sufficient cover for your home and leave the rest.


3. Quit smoking

The Fire Protection Association reports that there were about 17,600 residential fires that resulted from smoking. Insurance companies know this, so they might charge smokers higher premiums. In case you smoke, it is time you quit if you want to pay less for home insurance.


4. Protect your home against disasters

In case you reside in an area that is prone to natural calamities such as hurricanes and earthquakes, put in place the necessary measures to keep it safe. If you can prove to the insurer that your home is cushioned against such happenings, they are bound to lower the premiums. Consider including features like storm shutters, reinforced roof,s and other upgrades to your plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. You may also confirm with the agent to know which upgrades you should consider.